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The name's Theta Sigma, from the planet of Gallifrey. I'm a student of the Prydonian Academy. I'm not the best student and I'm currently fifty one years old, and dreaming of seeing the universe one day.

- ΘΣ

This Is Gallifrey||@ ohthatsjustnotfair

The young time lord walked through the red grass. He kept his blue eyes on the ground as he walked, the academy growing smaller in the distance. Students were here and there but he really didn’t pay them any mind as he hummed to himself. His head tilted to the side a bit as he pursed his lips, hands falling down to the sides of his robes. 

He finally made his way over to the silver trees and sat down under one. He closed his eyes and sat there. It was a nice day and perfect for ignoring his studies. He let his head fall back and rest against the silver tree trunk.