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The name's Theta Sigma, from the planet of Gallifrey. I'm a student of the Prydonian Academy. I'm not the best student and I'm currently fifty one years old, and dreaming of seeing the universe one day.

- ΘΣ

[Tucks his feet up by him, staring down at the ground]


Send me a quote from my character’s canon and they will share EXACTLY what went through their minds when they said it, and how they currently feel about it.

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TO BE FAIR the doctor never really did make a great time lord like. ever. so they weren’t wrong


[he just regenerated once! It’s not like he ran out of regenerations yet…]

Perhaps. Although since I don’t know about many fictional gingers, I’m not so sure about how true that is.

[But still!]


Anyways, how are you?



[…oh damn, there’s that temptation to try to force his next regeneration to be ginger]

[or dye his hair ginger since that’d be easier]

If you say so. Although they can hardly be the ‘best gingers ever’ since they’re just… well, fictional. 

[….u suck]

[Stop regenerating! I haven’t even regenerated once!]

[Also, rude!]

Fine the best fictional ones?

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[…and suddenly he got trapped in the friendzone, it seems]

[won’t comment on that, though]

Of course. And the… what were their names? Weasels? Something like that. Those redheads, from the same books.

[Sorry, not sorry]

The Weasley’s……

The best gingers ever 

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You know there’s some interesting storybook characters I want to meet. Too bad that’s just what they are. I’d love to meet King Arthur and Robin Hood. 

You forgot to mention that Potter guy.

Yes! Him too Koschei! Thank you! [grins and bounces on his toes] I knew you were my best friend for a reason!